Tuesday, April 13, 2010

If A 'Teabagger' Uses the ' N Word' on Capitol Hill and Nobody Records It, Does It Make A Sound?

    Ah, one of the great unanswered questions of the universe... I am, of course, referring to an incident that took place in Washington, D.C. in March during the contentious health care debates. Representatives John Lewis, André Carson and Emanuel Cleaver (all African American) claim that as they walked from one building to another, passionately protesting 'teabaggers' yelled at them, and rather than keeping the rhetoric to the subject at hand, the protesters hurled 'the N word' at them.

    One of the gentlemen claims he was also spat upon and interestingly enough, video captured from the protest shows a policeman handcuffing an aggressive protester. Footage is being studied to determine if it shows the man actually spitting. Meanwhile, Andrew Brietbart (the web entrepreneur who released the video of ACORN workers counseling actors posing as a pimp and prostitute) claims that the protest was peaceful and that there was absolutely no spitting and nary an 'N word' was uttered by any of the people carrying signs depicting President Obama as Adolph Hitler, a primate or in black face. To up the ante, Brietbart has pledged $100,000 to the United Negro College Fund if anyone provides proof of the epithets, adding, "It didn't happen," despite the fact that he was not there personally. He even continued to say,"This is 2010. Even a racist is media-savvy enough not to yell the N-word."

    Did you catch that? Yes, Brietbart is "offering" $100,000 for any proof that the epithets were actually spewed, but in practically the same breath, he basically told his teabagger compadres to destroy or hide any audio or video evidence that might be in their possession, lest he have to give the UNCF money and help any more 'N words' get an education. After all, isn't the UNCF in some way responsible for the ivy league education that produced President Barack Obama, the bain of the conservative racist movement's existence?

   The other thing that I find appalling about this entire thing is the fact that the word of three black Congressmen—one of whom is a Civil Rights legend—is being questioned. It's not as if they are accusing the teabaggers of arriving in spaceships and commencing to anal probe all black people. It is not an outlandish claim nor is it difficult to believe that a mob of angry, bitter people who blame all of the ills of American society on the lone black man who had the audacity to run for and be elected president, would in a heated moment amid the mob mentality yell "Nigger!" at a black politician, is it?

   It saddens me that we are urged not to believe that this incident happened, yet time after time, a crime is committed and a white face claims "a black man did it" and that claim is believed and all too often avenged before a few hours or days go by and it is proven that it is not the case. For more information on the "a black man did it" phenomenon, Google "Susan Smith," "Ashley Todd" and "Bonnie Sweeten" and then see if you feel a little saddened, angered or otherwise regarding this debacle.

   It has been said that the greatest trick The Devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he does not exist. Okay angry, teabagger, white racist devil— try as you might to pull a Jedi mind trick and convince us of the same, but we know that you do exist and that the N word can and does roll off of your tongue with ease. Here's hoping that just one person who was among you that day in March has a heart and a conscience and comes forward with that video or audio evidence and that when it happens, Brietbart will keep his word.

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