Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hunting Season Extended in Jericho, AR: Now Police Can Shoot Black Men in the Back Before Labor Day!

So let's make sure we understand this....
  • Police are accused of writing bogus tickets in Jericho, AR
  • Citizens question where the revenue from the aforementioned tickets is
  • Black Fire Chief, Don Payne disputed his tickets in court and after leaving the court, was issued another ticket
  • Payne returned to the court to contest the latest ticket and the judge agreed to dismiss it and several others
  • Some sort of altercation transpired with one of the police officers saying, "Shoot the @$%^*&!" (reports only say "Shoot the 'expletive'")
  • Fire Chief Payne was shot in the back
  • The shooting victim's name and race have been reported, but not the identities or races of the officers involved
  • The county prosecutor has said that there will be no charges filed against the officers
Something doesn't seem right here, but I guess until we get more details, we are left to speculate. It just doesn't seem logical to me. If there were several armed police officers and one unarmed black man, why was it necessary to use a firearm? Were any warning shots fired prior to Payne being shot in the back?

If they won't prosecute the officer for actually shooting Payne, can we at least check to make sure that Negro Season was actually upon us when he shot Payne? Oh wait! It is America—the South at that—and a badge is just as good as a year-round hunting permit.

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  1. Rache, there is no getting around it, especially in today's climate. Some folks are angry that America has the audacity to have a black president and so they're mad, extra mad, at every black person. It makes me weep for this country. I thought we'd taken a giant step forward earlier this year, but now I fear we're taking several back.